1. Unlimited email marketing

                  Acelle Mail is a self hosted, full-featured, easy to use Email Marketing Web Application written in PHP


                  Email marketing webapp for individual & business

                  See the different ways that Acelle Mail works for you

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                  Single/double opt-in, list segmenting/importing/exporting, subscription management, blacklisting, automation/autoresponder, etc.

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                  Manage your service plans and users' subscription. Get paid by users' PayPal or credit card to your Stripe / Braintree / Paddle account

                  Integration made easy

                  We make it easy and quick to integrate Acelle sending capability with your own websites/applications through simple RESTful API

                  Complete delivery tracking

                  Track every message,
                  sent out for your campaign

                  • Track your messages opens & clicks

                  • Automatically handle bounce & feedback

                  • Measure your campaign performance with insight reports

                  Automation & auto-responder

                  Automate your campaign,
                  with email workflow

                  • Start your email campaigns in response to event triggers

                  • Automatically respond to your recipient activities (open/click)

                  • Design your marketing with email automation workflow

                  Written in PHP & Laravel 5

                  Open to customization
                  and evolve

                  Laravel is an free and open-source PHP framework, designed for the development of robust web applications succeeding the MVC pattern. With PHP/Laravel, code maintenance is easier than ever as your business is growing

                  • Coded in PHP 5.6, 7.0 on top of Laravel 5

                  • Backed by MySQL 5.x

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                  Host your own Email Marketing system and get paid

                  Acelle works seamlessly with various payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Paddle, PayU Money... which accept payment by PayPal or Credit Card. Getting paid is easier than ever!

                  Track your performance

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                  With Acelle Mail, you can review your individual campaign reports after every email you send, or monitor your mail list growth, campaign engagement, and marketing performance directly from your account dashboard.

                  Email marketing is fun

                  Compose your responsive email

                  Every day marketing email composing is made easier than ever with our responsive editor. Also, there are tons of pre-built email layouts for you to choose from. You can also import your own pre-made email template to Acelle Mail to just started.

                  Powerful platform

                  Successful Emailing

                  Whether youre a Marketing executive, a Developer or a Business owner, we equip you with powerful tools to Create, Send and Optimize emails the way you like. Enhance your email sending with Marketing Automation, Segmentation, and Powerful APIs. See your email statistics in real-time and work with our tools and insight reports to improve your results send after send.

                  Checkout API documentation on our DEMO site

                  Software as a Service

                  Once hosted as an SAAS, Acelle Mail can handle payment via most common payment gateways

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